The ladies matches are a very enjoyable way to meet other local golfers, try out new courses and learn (or improve) your matchplay tactics. Every member of Nene Park with a current handicap is encouraged to play in team matches. We always play in pairs so if you are new to matchplay you will be put with a more experienced player who knows the ropes. It’s always good to have some higher handicap players in a match – particularly when we are playing away!

We have 8 ladies friendly matches  against other local clubs planned for 2019 (see Club Fixtures) – so there is plenty of opportunity for everyone to get involved. Although all the matches are held during the week they are on a variety of days  and those in mid-summer often don’t start until the afternoon so if you can squeeze a half day off you can still get to play.

Those ladies that can only play at the weekend might like to look at the mixed matches (again see Club Fixtures).

The team strip is white polo shirts and navy sweaters with the club logo and these can be purchased from the Driving Range.


The format is usually fourball better ball matchplay which means:

  • We go out in fours  – playing in a pairs against pairs of players  from the other team.

  • Each player plays her own ball and the best score from each pair decides whether the hole is won/lost or halved.

The results from individual matches are collected by the Captains and announced after the meal at the end of the match. 


Match fees for home and away matches will be £14.   For members with 5 or 7 day membership the match fee will be £10.


Difficult to get a grip on when you start but this is how they are done………..

Handicap allowances are done by taking the handicap of the best player from the handicap of all the other players

Then allowing the other 3 players 90% of the difference – fractions .5 and up are rounded up and .4 and below down as shown.

The final handicap allowance produced is used against the holes with that stroke index.


Player 1 Handicap 10  

Player 2 Handicap 18  allowance =  90% of 8 = 7.2    rounded down to 7 receiving  strokes on stroke index 1-7

Player 3 Handicap 25  allowance = 90% of 15 = 13.5 rounded up to 14 receiving strokes on stroke index 1-14

Player 4 Handicap 36  allowance = 90% of 26 = 23.4 rounded down to 23 receiving 2 strokes on SI 1-5  and one stroke on all others

Match fees for home and away matches will be £14.   For members with 5 or 7 day membership the match fee will be £10.