2023 Open Competition Terms & Conditions

Terms of Open Competitions


The Golf Committee of Nene Park Golf Club have laid down the necessary requirements and conditions for entry into Open Competitions at Nene Park Golf Club, in line with the Rules of Golf and the R&A Committee Procedures Guidance.
NPGC reserves the right to amend the Terms of Competitions with no prior notice. It is the player’s responsibility to make themselves familiar with this document.
The following are requirements of entry into NPGC Open Competitions. NPGC reserves the right to amend the Terms of Competitions with no prior notice. It is the player’s responsibility to make themselves familiar with this document. Failure to comply with these requirements may result in a player’s disqualification.

1. Entry Requirements
1.1. NPGC Open Competitions are for members with a Home WHS Handicap at affiliated golf clubs only. A player with a Handicap Index held by iGolf and not an affiliated club is not eligible for entry.

1.2. A valid WHS Handicap Index is required for entry into all NPGC Open Competitions. A lifetime CDH / England Golf Membership number must be provided on entry.

1.3. It is a requirement set out by the NPGC Golf Committee that in order to be eligible to win the competition or be awarded any competition winnings, a player must have completed a minimum of 3 Handicap Qualifying Scores under competition conditions (i.e. excluding General Play scores), completed as an affiliated club member, in the period since the 1st of January of the year in which the Open Competition is being played.

1.4. The records of handicap qualifying scores of those players / teams in prize winning positions will be checked on the WHS Platform on completion of the competition. Players should be aware that if playing as part of a pair or team in an Open Competition, the pair or the team will be ineligible to win the competition or be awarded any competition winnings.

1.5. Entry must be made in advance by one of the following methods:
• Via the club website
• Via the Golf Empire website
• By contacting the NPGC Open Event Organising Team

1.6. Entry must be accompanied by payment of the competition entry fee in advance of the start of play. Should unexpected circumstances result in withdrawal from the competition, refunds will be given up until 30 days prior to the event. Player substitutions can be made and should be notified to the club in advance of play.

1.7. On the day of the competition, and in advance of the start of play, it is necessary for a player to register at the registration desk or where otherwise indicated. In the case of singles handicap qualifying competitions, failure to pre-register before play via the method specified will result in the player’s score being inadmissible for both the competition and for handicap purposes, even if the score card is submitted and no matter whether the score is good or bad. (Rules of Handicapping 2.1a iii).
NPGC Terms of Open Competitions Page 2 Date of Issue : 01/06/2023

1.8. It is important that players keep to their allocated start time. A starter will usually be present at the 1st tee. Teeing off either early or late without the authorization of the Event Organising Team may result in disqualification or the General Penalty of 2 strokes (Rules of Golf 5.3a).

2. Competition Format & Handicap Allowance
2.1. Details of the format of each Open Competition & handicap allowances will be available in advance of the competition and at the registration desk on the day of the competition. Please contact the Event Organising Team if further information is required prior to entry.

2.2. Most NPGC Open Competitions have maximum Course Handicaps applied. Under WHS this will be shown as a maximum Handicap Index. Scorecards should always be marked with your Course Handicap. Scorecards may be printed in advance with these details, but it is the player’s responsibility to ensure these are correct and to advise the Event Organising Team of any changes required.

2.3. With reference to the NPGC Course Handicap Tables relevant to the tee set(s) in use on the day, the Playing Handicap is obtained by the calculation :
Playing Handicap = Course Handicap x Handicap Allowance

2.4. In pairs or team competition formats, players with a Handicap Index higher than the maximum quoted for that competition, will simply play as if their Handicap Index is equal to the maximum quoted.

3. Marking a Card & Submitting a Score
3.1. It is a requirement of all NPGC Open Competitions that your name, the date and your Course Handicap is included at the top of the scorecard. Pre-printed labels may be provided on the cards, but it is up to the player to ensure this information is included and correct.

3.2. We endeavour to prepare the scorecards in advance with player names and handicap details. In the event of player substitutions or late entries, a player may be issued a blank scorecard from the registration desk.
• In singles events, a player will be issued with their own scorecard which they should exchange with another player in their tee time for marking. Keep a note of your own scores in the column for “Marker’s Score”.
• In pairs events, it is a requirement that both the Marker and at least one player from the pair being marked signs the card returns. Keep a note of your own betterball score in the column for “Marker’s Score” on the card you are marking.
• In team events of 3 or 4 players, one player in the team will be required to mark the card and sign it in the box labelled “Marker’s Signature”

3.3. After play each player should check their own score with their marker. Both the player and the marker should sign the card, and ideally the marker will also print their name.

3.4. It remains the player’s responsibility to make sure that his / her marker has correctly recorded the gross scores hole by hole and not solely the total or nett score for the round.

3.5. A player should return their scorecard as soon as possible after completion of their round by placing it in the collection box, or as indicated by the Event Organising Team. A scorecard is considered to be returned once it has been placed in the scorecard box or handed to a member of
NPGC Terms of Open Competitions Page 3 Date of Issue : 01/06/2023
the Event Organising Team. Once the scorecard has been returned, the player must not change the scorecard (Rules of Golf 3.3b). Undue delay in returning a scorecard may result in disqualification or penalty under Rules of Golf 3.3(b) and Rules of Handicapping 7.1b & 7.1c.

3.6. Retirement from the competition for whatever reason should be reported to a member of the Event Organising Team, and the scorecard returned to show the number of holes completed. If the NPGC Golf Committee decide that the reason for retirement was a valid one (sudden injury or illness, emergency etc), the score will be posted for handicap providing that the minimum number of holes have been completed (10 from 18).

3.7. If the NPGC Golf Committee decide that a player had no valid reason to fail to submit a score, the Committee can impose a penalty score according to The Rules of Handicapping Rule 7.1b & 7.1c.

3.8. If play is discontinued for whatever reason, please leave your scorecard in the collection box or as instructed by the Event Organising Team. This helps the committee to close the competition quickly and effectively by having the cards of all players accounted for.

3.9. The Guidance followed by the NPGC Golf Committee when making decisions on whether scores are acceptable or not for handicap qualifying is contained in the Rules of Handicapping 2.1b. The Committee decision is final.

4. In the Event of Ties
4.1. In all NPGC Open Competitions ties will be decided by a scorecard countback.

5. Results & Prizes
5.1. For NPGC Open Competitions, the scores & WHS Handicap records will be checked as soon as possible following completion of the event.

5.2. Players will be advised on the day of play whether a prize presentation is planned. In the case of a presentation not being held, winners will then be notified by e-mail.

5.3. Prize winners will be announced and then later published as soon as practicable. However, whilst every effort will be made by the Event Organising Team to close and publish the competition on the same day, this may not always be possible depending on any outstanding handicap queries etc.

5.4. Under WHS, any changes to a player’s Handicap Index are processed overnight following the competition. This will occur even if the competition has not been closed by the Event Organising Team. These Handicap Index changes must therefore be considered as provisional and subject to change after the competition has been closed.

5.6. The results of the competition are independent of the WHS Handicap Index changes.

6. Local Rules
6.1. NPGC have some Local Rules which may be applicable in Spring, Summer, or the Autumn. It is a player’s responsibility to be aware of any Local Rules which may be in force at the time of a competition. Please check the reverse side of the scorecard or with a member of the Event Organising Team.