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A message from the Captain

Dear Members

The first time I held a golf club was back in 1984.

I was lucky enough to be living in Barbados with my husband, who was an expert Civil Engineer working on a large
project for the World Bank.
He had a real passion for golf, and had been a keen player ever since his university days. Even luckier than that ,we
were living at a place called Rockly Resort, which means our back garden overlooked the resort’s golf course.
Like many expats’ wives,I joined the United Women’s club to meet and socialise with others. There were many group
activities on offer, but I remembered pointing out that because I was practically living on a golf course, it made sense to learn to play!
We didn’t have a golf clinic like one on offer with our experienced Pro, Suzanne Dickens. There was no easily
accessible coaching-we basically had to get a club on the course and teach ourselves, learn how to swing a club and address the ball by watching other people play. Thankfully, I had a really supportive and enthusiastic husband who wanted me to learn the game and improve.
I was ambitious to get a proper handicap, so I eventually ought lessons from an American pro. I must say, I enjoyed trying not to just”hit the ball” but master the perfect swing every time.  But, as I’m sure you know, it’s easier said than done.
Eventually, with time,practice and a lot of practice, I got good enough. Good enough for me, good enough to do well in some competitions, but also good enough to consistently play better than my husband!
When we moved back to the UK in 1996, I played school competitions, and annual work competitions, it was mostly
sporadic games here and there, whilst adjusting to raise two children, but it meant
that my passion for the game was put on hold for several years. Sometimes, life gets in the way.
Sadly, I lost my husband to cancer after 2 years of chemotherapy in 2008. Being a widow, I found I had a lot of free time outside of work on my own, but I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted to do myself. Thankfully my very good friend suggested I get back into golf and so I chose to join Orton Meadows(Nene Park Golf) having played a few times before.
The first time I entered the club house, a very kind young lady called Charlotte suggested meeting “Lady Captain Barbara Bird” there and she made an arrangement. That was a memorable and important day of my starting social golf life in Peterborough.
Rest is history that Barbara and all the other members were friendly and made friends for life.
I’ve gained confidence on the course in several competitions over the years. My playing partner and I qualified for the Ping 4BBB in 2021,  and were invited to compete in Gainsborough which came with a lovely spread for lunch and an awards presentation.
If I can do it (and enjoy the game), then anyone can do it!
We have a great reputation for being a friendly club with lovely members and professional golf coaches and coaching
young budding players.
The beauty of Nene Park Golf is that there are two completely different courses to enjoy for the price of one membership.
I love being on the course, the green carpeted grass, watching the colours of the trees changing with the seasons, the fresh air,spending time with lovely ladies, and having fun!
What better way to enjoy life? I am retired and play as much as I can, hopefully, playing many more years to come.
My chosen charity for 2023-2024 is Leukaemia. My daughter contracted it when she was only 2 years old.
Leukaemia isn’t as common as breast or prostate cancer, but it affects people of all ages.
I look forward a good year as your captain and hope to meet as many of you as possible.

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